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Black Seed Oil

Black Seed Oil is derived from Nigella sativa; it belongs to Ranunculaceae which is originated from Western Asia.Nigella sativa plant commonly cultivated in India, Russia, Oman, Ethiopia, Middle East, Bangladesh, France, Germany and Mediterranean Basin.Nigella sativa grows up to 20-30cm in height and it has delicate, white & pale blue colored flowers, deep black & sharp cornered rectangular seeds and leaves are linear with finely divided. Black Seed Oil is an important plant in the Indian Ayurveda. It's also known as Black Cumin, Kalonji seeds.Black Seed is considered to be the greatest remedy herb of our time and it has been much ignoring. The Black Seed Oil is the most potent foods on planet and the oil derived from them is the most illustrious essential oils. It is also known as the oil of Pharaohs.

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Black seed oil is obtained from seeds of Nigella sativa plant by pressing.

Black seed oil is composed of beta- sisterol, nigellone, thymoquinone, linoleic acid and in small amounts of oleic, palmitic and stearic acid.

Black seed oil is brown to deep brown in colour and insoluble in water but soluble in hexane.

Uses & Benefits:

  1. Over the period it is proved that the seeds help fight all sorts of disease by enhancing the production of bone marrow and immune cells.
  2. It is effective against allergies and asthma as it enhance immune system.
  3. It is used for the treatment of skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis; it soothes inflammation and improves & heals skin.
  4. It has anti fungal properties; it is used for treatment of candida and fungal infections in digestive system and skin.
  5. It has carminative property, provide relieve in indigestion, flatulence, bloating and stomach pain and provide relief from diarrhea.
  6. It provides protection against some of the danger from radiation and helps to induce apoptosis in leukemia cells, breast cancer cells, brain tumor cells, oral cancer cells, pancreatic and cervical cancer due to its thymoquinone content in black seed oil.
  7. It encourages healthy cholesterol levels and help in regulating blood pressure.
  8. It is effective against scars and prevents scar formation on wounds & naturally softens, strengthens and firm skin and promotes hair growth.

Safety and Precaution:
Avoid use of black seed oil during pregnancy as it promotes menstruation.

Specification of Black Seed Oil:
Description : Brown to deep brown free flowing liquid.
Solubility : Insoluble in water and soluble in hexane

Physio- Chemical Properties:
Density : (Gm/Ml) 0.900- 0.930
Acid Value : below 5
Saponification Value : 150 – 170
Iodine Value : 125-145

Heavy Metals
Total heavy Metals : Less than 10ppm
Lead : Less than 5ppm

Microbiological Assay
Total Plate Count (CFU/GM) : Maximum 3000
Yeast and Mould (CFU/GM) : Maximum 300
E.coli : Negative/10g

Storage: In well fitted container in cool and dark place.

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